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... per aspera ad astra ...

Quality and Safety for Elevators, since 1980


Per Aspera ad Astra
Through hardships to the stars...

This quote by the Latin author Seneca means that every ambitious goal demands huge sacrifices; however, the harder the undertaking, the higher the satisfaction in the accomplishment. For us Astra signifies the upward movement of the elevator, the machine which has inspired our work and our research more than thirty years, and above all it is the acronym formed with the initials of Giuseppe Traunero's family members, the name he chose to set up in the business of manufacturing and selling lift components.

Astra saw the light on the 5th of May, 1980 building on comprehensive expertise in manifold aspects of the elevator market, and was immediately able to establish a network of contacts with market leaders, which were to result in exclusive supply deals for special products.

In 1987, due to the untimely demise of its founder, the company stopped expanding and focused on consolidating what was to become its core business, the production of safety components. Mrs Virna Gabbin took over her late husband’s company and steered it through an increasingly competitive European environment to a new period of expansion. During the 90’s, in fact, Astra’s presence on the Italian market was widened and consolidated, and production facilities were expanded and automated.

In 2003 the firm became a limited liability company and entered into new alliances with prominent international manufacturers, which led to the development of brand‑labeled safety components designed and produced by Astra. This was the first step on a path that would lead in 2006 to setting up Steute Italia – a trading company in which Steute GmbH has a majority stake – which deals with marketing, selling and providing after-sale service of Steute and Astra products in the Italian market. The partnership with Steute has allowed to develop special products for critical applications such as safety contacts for installation in potentially explosive areas (AtEx).

Today Astra is a fresh, dynamic company run by the founder's son, and can rely on the cooperation with highly qualified partners to develop and market innovative products, with a thorough and optimistic outlook on the european and global lift market.
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